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Steve N. Jackson
Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson is a 30-year veteran director and producer of television, game designer, historian, and author. His credits include working as a senior producer for the United States Department of Justice, the Home Shopping Network, and as a commercial producer and director.

He is also an award winning teacher who consults on digital media in non-profit organizations and is involved in the development of robotic camera systems. Many of his creative works are done in partnership with students, including crowd funded movies, games, and public art. He currently works closely with Radford University, the Community Services Institute, and Remote Camera Technology of Canada.

Steve is dedicated to the public sharing of information, maintaining a blog on the Great War ( and a website on the history of higher education that is part of a graduate and honors course he teaches every three years (

His e-mail address is:

Speaking Engagements

As a consultant and educator the author routinely makes speaking engagement to corporations and non-profit organization. These engagements are usually booked by the author's employers, but if you are interested in having Steve visit your organization please feel free to use the e-mail link above to contact him about details of the request. Steve cannot take professional consulting work without approval of his employers but can find ways to accomodate non-profit and educational organizations.

Requests to speak at veterans organizations and universities on academic subjects are always handled pro-bono, except for cost of travel, room, and board. Please let us know in advance if you fall into this category. In particular, the author works with veterans groups aiding members of these organizations to self-publish fiction and non-fiction as part of organized therapeutic story telling classes.

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