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Nelson McKeeby
Nelson McKeeby

Nelson McKeeby was born with autism and severe epilepsy in Spirit Lake, Iowa to a navy officer and a grade school teacher in the 1960s.

Dropping out of school at age sixteen, he started his career as a television director specializing in fashion merchandizing. An avid hitchhiker, he has at times found employment as a college professor, television producer, an engineer, a user interface designer, and as a professional writer. Nelson has a long history of writing strange things, from role playing games to videos on how to prosecute terrorists for the Office of Legal Education. He also works with extending human capabilities with robotics in creatie media, social media analysis for marketing, and in a range of digital to analog technologies.

He is currently a television program developer writing and producing programming for the Music Path.

Nelson works extensively with neuro-diversity and believes that many diverse mental courses from PTSD to autism are natural ways that the human species uses diverse cognition to survive troubled times. Instead of being handicaps, he considers many of them as super powers which may not result in the easiest or more comfortable life for the person who has them, but that is beneficial to the social group as a whole.

Nelson can be contacted at mckeebyn @ virdea dot net

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