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The Encyclopedia Virdea is available on Amazon and the iTunes store for purchase.

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The encyclopedia is the first living book in the series. My goal is to update this book from time-to-time as the series advances to improve and expand the articles provided. Many of the entries in the encyclopedia started as questions about vocabulary when the book was first workshopped, or came from an old FAQ on the Total Eclipse game published in 2000.

Suggestions for updates to this book can be sent to Make sure you include the term Encyclopedia Suggestions in the subject line of the e-mail, and that you somehow cite your work (tell me where the idea came from in the published works) and give me permission to use your ideas in the body of the e-mail.

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Adjeness Cover

The last time this entire book saw the light of day was a school art fair in Seminole, Florida in 1981, although bits and pieces have been workshopped and used as a leader for game development.

I chose to republish Adjeness first rather than Darkfather or Memories of an Older World because in all nine books Adjeness usually acts as the catalyst for action. In many ways despite the importance of the Thuselah and Darkfather characters in later books, Adjeness always remains the single figure that ties the adventurers together.

Most important about this book for me is how many people have pushed me to bring it back to the public's attention. My parents, who passed away of cancer last year, always encourage my writing, and it was my mother along with two teachers (Ms. Laura Manson and Dr. Hilda Roselli) that encouraged me to leave the stage of short stories and explore longer works. My mother also, near the end of her life, several times told me of her desire to see me return to writing.

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