The Conspiracy of the Ravens

Nelson McKeeby is a dying author drawn to magical realism, but when he starts telling the story of how a Lakota Warrior, veteran of the Plains War of 1876, his traumatized French mercenary partner, a hyper-intelligent reality physics scientist with a love of poodle skirts, and a purple 1957 Chevy holding the soul of a New Orleans Voodoo Priestess, disappear from reality by driving into a massive tornado, he begins to worry that he has undertaken an impossible task that will never be written.

Military Experience and the Arts

When the four accidentally kill the Yellow King of Virdea, the question becomes for Nelson, can he ethically manipulate the storylines of an evil wizard, seven dangerous knights, the powerful Queen of Fire and Ice, and a thousand raven compatriots to find his way to the end before something terrible happens to the travellers? And what does a famous guitarist, a talented sculptor, a long dead singer, and a man who tends cats at the top of the world have to do with the story? Is the queen's fear that earth will be destroyed founded, ad what does the faceless mega-corporations to do with it?

Return to Virdea one more time and participate in the Conspiracy of the Ravens.

The Disrupted Gears

The  Disrupted  Gears

Carl Osborne had an idyllic childhood despite loosing his parents at a young age. He grew up at a time and in a place where a child with an endless imagination could do anything from commanding his own pirate crew to fighting gangsters in the streets. When war comes though, and his friends of youth depart to fight on foreign shores, it leaves Carl behind to dream of service and glory, but to live a reality of delivering mail to farms in the far reaches of the county.

When the war ends and his friends return, both he and they are different, and the mistakes Carl made begin to haunt him, from the affair he had with a married woman and wife of one of his old play gang members, to his estrangement from his foster father Mr. Lukas. So when a new war arrives he runs away from home determined to serve, but discovers his ghosts and the sinister secrets of his past cannot be escaped just by fighting in a conflict that is not really his.

Disrupted Gears is set in the same magical universe as The Conspiracy of the Ravens and A Crack in Time, but looks at that world through the young and naive lens of a child growing up in depression era Iowa. Despite sharing the magical universe of Virdea with the other works, Disrupted Gears is readable on its own by people new to the series.

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