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She went from Princess of the Havens to a slave in the corrupt land of Nevers, robbed of everything, even her name.

Adjeness Cover

Virdeans know the story of Adjeness, the Oldari who found the last Life Engine and opened a new age of discovery for the people of the Green Lands, but few are familiar with her story before rising to fame. Meet her earliest mentors: the Darkfather, an enigmatic wizard from the west, Entieax, the reclusive Haguni who sought a utopia in the Fenlands, Thuselah, survivor of the stone gardens and youngest sword witch of her generation, and Voldamane, the priestess of the chantry who saw faith as the ultimate power, and learn how each will aid Adjeness is gaining the true measures of her powers.

Set in the land of Nevers in the year 457, Adjeness is a tale of a broken world, and the people who hope to one day save it. eBook edition iBook edition PDF edition physical book


He was a father, husband, scholar, and engineer, living in a backwaters of the Dagorian Magistrate.

Darkfather Cover

The baron's people have known peace for a thousand years and had turned the barren plains of the Dagor-Lay into a paradise of farms, gardens, orchards, and villages. It was the year 307 though, and the idyllic life of the people of Dagoria would come to a sudden end under the heel of an implacable foe, the Sudosi of the Blood Gods.

Learn about how the gentle mountaineer became first the hero of his people, then an exile into the lands of the Dead, where he would emerge as the Darkfather, one of the most influential yet enigmatic people of his age. Discover the truth behind his earning of the votes of the Lost Thirty, his confrontation with the Litchking, and his friendship with the majestic protector of the Rainbow Springs, and answer the question of how a soldier become a wizard when all he knows is taken from him.

Expected Release Date: Summer of 2016


She was a Sword Witch of an ancient order dedicated to serve humankind in a fallen world.

Darkfather Cover

It was the year 458 and the Sword Witch was without a calling. She had vowed to serve the dark wizard who had saved her family from the Abomination Apocalypse, but his destruction during the Battle of Demen's Point and the death of her long time partner had left her lost in a world that did not need her kind.

Then the dreams began. Terrible rooms of metal. Drowning in a salty bath of viscous water. The sense that something wicked had entered the world, and that an old friend might not be dead after all.

The only answer is a quest to the wild lands of the mountain fastness where a lost Troubadour's library may hold the answers Thuselah is seeking, or may hold a fate worse than death itself.

Expected Release Date: Winter of 2016

Encyclopedia Virdea

Since 1981 over one-hundred games, short stories, books, maps, and guides have been published about the world of Virdea. To aid the readers exploring this vast world we are proud to introduce the Virdean Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia Virdea Cover

The Encyclopedia Virdea is a work in progress that is being updated from the volumes of notes produced since Virdea was first introduced to the reading public. Because the Virdean Encyclopedia is a work in progress, each major update of the work will be provided as a "free update*" to people who have already purchased this work. This means as the author has time to correct and upload more entries, you can benefit by downloading the new version of the Encyclopedia. Reader input is also accepted in deciding on new or improved entires.

*Note: at this time major ebook firms allow unlimited downloads of eBooks from offline cloud space. If this should change and customers start being charged, the authors will seek a different way of providing this work to the readers. eBook edition iBook edition

Memories of an Older World

What is it like to be an adventurer living on the edge of society, surviving by your wits, a free lance protector of a people who despise and depend on you?

Memories of an Older World Cover

You depend on your fellows, their differences covering for your weakness: The beautiful Woldurno priestess Voldamane whose charm is combined with a faith in the groups greater destiny. Jedak the Mechanic, the rough sewer workers whose hands can make any machine work. Thuselah, the fierce Sword Witch whose uncompromising values are the bedrock of the group's moral center. The Darkfather, an undead wizard of great power who paradoxically will never cast a spell that takes a human life. The Oldari bowman Evrander, once an uncompromising hero of the Havenite guard, now a drunken gambler with quick reflexes but a broken heart. And finally the leader of the group Adjeness, the warrior-wizard who twice gave up her crown for her magic.

Follow the group as they uncover chests of gold in the lairs of evil revenants, track child murderers through the streets of the world's largest city, and confront the Pirate King himself whose evil plans to return the fallen world to greatness may be the only hope for civilization, or may be a sinister plot to assure the world is ruled by an evil lord for the next thousand years.

Expected Release Date: Spring of 2017

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